Absolute Pleasure in the center of Athens: Magic Pleasure Store!

Absolute Pleasure in the center of Athens: Magic Pleasure Store!

07/05/2014 21:24

For me summer begins when I do three things: When I dip my feet in the sea, when I wear my flip flops and when I finally enjoy my first Magic ice-cream. I’ll have the chocolate ice-cream on a stick with almonds, or the cone with almonds ( I’m an almond freak), or even the plain white chocolate on a stick. This summer I’ll be able to make my own ice-cream creation with Magic’s velvety vanilla base, exactly the way I like it! Keep reading….

Word: Marilou Pantaki
Photos By: Alexandros Ioannidis
Creative Work: Lunik.Lab
Translation from Greek: Kiki Fotopoulos


Magic is celebrating its 25 years with us with its new store in the centre of Athens, the Magic Pleasure Store. Being a devout Pleasure Seeker, I was there from day one ( it opened a week ago and I’ve already gone 4 times ). I made my own various combinations and I came to the conclusion that, with ice-cream so creamy and so velvety, no matter what you top it off with, no matter what you sprinkle it with, or what you dip it in, this ice-cream is to die for!!

Magic Pleasure Store 1

You want one too, hu? It’s simple. Take part in our contest that is listed below, and win a Magic ice-cream, all for yourself. Take the Metro and get off at Sytagma station. You’ll find the Magic Pleasure Store at the beginning of Kolokotroni street. You can’t miss it. ( It’s a gorgeous store!) Go in and approach a Pleasure Maker employee and he or she will make your dreamy ice-cream that will blow your mind!

Magic Pleasure Store 5

Start by choosing the chocolate that your ice-cream will be dipped in. Your choices are milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate. Take lots of pictures of the ice-cream being dunked in the chocolate and post them on Instagram! Continue with the toppings. You’ve got lots to choose from. You’ve got your classics,  almonds and brownies.  There are also some funky choices like mango, crispy yogurt. Now, if you’re the experimental type, try the fleur de sel with ginger root! The chef-patissier, Dinos Fotinakis, made some special delightful toppings for us, such as cookie crumble with greek coffee and coconut! Amazing?

Magic Pleasure Store 2

Before you indulge, ask your Pleasure Maker to pour a little more chocolate sauce at the end, and create a piece of chocolate art in the cute baskets they are served with. It’s so much fun! Did I mention it’s also CRAZY delicious? Post your pics on Facebook and make your friends drool!

Magic Pleasure Store 3

Calling all Pleasure Seekers! Are you ready to enjoy  a unique chocolate and ice-cream experience?

For more enjoyment follow Magic on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and don’t forget hashtags! #MajicAthens  #25yMagic  #celebratepleasure  #pleasureseekersdots

The Magic contest

Madame Ginger has 5 Magic ice-creams to give away. The winners gets a Magic ice-cream stick and all they have to do is present it to their Pleasure Maker at the Magic store!

Magic Pleasure Store 4

Here’s what you have to do:

  • Like Madame Ginger’s Facebook page.
  • Leave a comment under this article, or under the same one on Facebook ( you can also share it if you like), until Sunday 18/05 at 00:00.
  • If you don’t have Facebook, you can send an email with the subject “Magic Contest” at info@madameginger.com
  • The draw will be on Monday 19/05.
  • The winners will be announced on Facebook on our page, and the winners will receive an email for information on where to redeem their prize.

Good Luck Pleasure Seekers!

Good Luck Pleasure Seekers!

#Love #Only,
Madame Ginger

 Magic Pleasure Store -3-5  Kolokotroni Street, Athens ( open 12:00-20:00)

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