Food Tank by Dimitris Afentakis

Food Tank by Dimitris Afentakis

01/01/2014 12:00

Creative Work: Lunik.Lab

Dimitris Afentakis may seem like a “very good boy”, but don’t get fooled. He is more than that!

He likes to travel, write, eat and above all, cook. His need to express himself is not something new. From the mixed tapes back in high school to today’s spicy ceviche, Dimitris has done many things, whose influence can be seen on his dishes.

He received a B.A in Econometrics & Applied Quantitative Methods from the University of Sussex, U.K and a MSc in Management from the University of Surrey, U.K. Soon after he came back from New York, he attended a great number of seminars regarding Wine Tasting in WSPC, Food Service Management in Cornell University, N.Y and a great number of cooking lessons by chef Christofer Peskias. After all that, he is now ready to share with us his greatest passion, food!

Through his column, Food Tank, a column that is divided into 4 sections, Dimitris will discuss, among other things, the basics that will help anyone to cook tasty dishes. Every 1st week of the month, he will tell us a few things about Seasonality, every 2nd week, about Gastronomic Trends, restaurants and chefs, every 3rd week, at a more academic approach, things that concern Hygiene and Food Science, whereas every 4th week of the month, a number of Tips on how to organize your kitchen.

You may contact Dimitris through his Facebook page or via

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