Eat Stray from Stelios Papardelas

Eat Stray from Stelios Papardelas

01/01/2014 13:05

Creative work: Lunik.Lab
Translation: Kiki Fotopoulos


My name is Stelios and I’m a slave to food. Luckily for me I travel a lot and when I’m on the road I forget to eat and that’s how I stay under the 100 kilo zone.

My ultimate favourite food is gyro on a pita. I’m backing this up with basic statistics as well as with serious reasoning. Having walked the four out of the five continents of our plant, I assure you that “our gyro”  is the most value for money, tastiest street food in the world. And this is why I love it… it combines price with flavour, proteins, carbs, vegetables, starch, and whatever else my system needs to accept it as a full meal.

I like getting involved with people, meeting them and learning new things. Their characters, situations, their stories, is what I live for. I try and I succeed in communicating with whomever I want, without language or anything else being an obstacle.

Through “eat stray” I will take you with me on a journey around the world. Caution, don’t expect to see restaurants and kitchens with golden chef’s awards. Street food and grandmas and moms who cook for their family in secluded villages is what you’ll see here. Watching me eat leftovers is what you’ll probably see…

I’m a person who likes doing whatever comes to mind, but always with respect towards others and nature. If I don’t bother anyone, I’ll do what I please.  So, I’ll be giving my own golden chef’s awards to everyday common people where their cooking deserves it. Follow me and aromas will reach your senses from the other side of the world.

Stylianos Papardelas M.D.

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Madame Ginger’s note: Stelios Papardelas is a photographer, a traveller, a proud Cretan, a good friend and even better person, talented to the max and a beautiful blue eyed boy. Even though I have only  know him  for a few months, he has a special place in my heart. Follow him to  the ends of the earth, enter his world and you will love him too, I’m positive of this.

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