In the World of Cookies!

In the World of Cookies!

17/01/2014 15:08

Athina is as sweet as her cookies! She started off humbly with her food blog Sugar Buzz published her own book “Cupcakes” until she was discovered by Psyhogios, a big publishing company in Greece, and they took care of her second edition. She had a comeback, with her new amazing book that includes 30 recipes of sweet and salty ( crunchy and chewy ) cookies!

Words: Marilou Pantaki
Translation from Greek: Kiki Fotopoulos


Chocolate cookies, with oatmeal and raisins or with espresso and hazelnuts. Cookies with almonds and orange, or cookies with a caramel filling. Salty little canes with thyme or rusks with graviera cheese, mustard and walnuts. There is even a selection of lenten cookies with betel & poppy seeds or orange with pistachios. In this book you can find any cookie you can imagine.  Take a look at it, and enter Athina’s world which smells of butter, vanilla and cinnamon.


We tried her delicious chocolate cookies, put them in pretty little boxes and shared them amongst our friends and everyone loved them! If you’re a cookie lover, put this book in your kitchen and treat yourself and your friends with Athina’s mouthwatering cookies!

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Madame Ginger 

Book: Cookies, Athina Pantou, Psyhogios publishings – In bookstores from 13,50 euros.


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