Athens Special – from Vasilis Kallidis

Athens Special – from Vasilis Kallidis

13/01/2014 22:25

Vasilis Kallidis is adored for many reasons. For his wonderful recipes that always turn out perfect. For his successful shows, “Food & The City” and “Nostimi Yi” ( tasty earth ) that transports us all around Athens and Greece. And then there is his witty humor, that can make you choke on your meal! But most of all we love him for his constant search for the perfect Greek salad, the best after hours canteens, the most authentic rice puddings and for the best place to shop the most sought out products that are difficult to find.

Words: Marilou Pantaki


 Vasilis is crazy about Athens. He’s totally in love with her. He is enchanted by this city. Vasilis is the most qualified person to guide you and tell you where to eat, where to shop the best of what you’re looking for, anywhere in Athens, because he has literally double checked every place there is in Athens and Piraeus. Luckily for us, he shares everything on Instagram and has gathered all his discoveries in his new book “Athens Special”.


He collected all his favourite spots, the ones that make him feel at home. He tells us why he loves them, what makes them different from the rest. He took some pictures and that’s how this book came about. He doesn’t write about “the best ones”, he writes about “the ones he loves”. There is a big difference. In Athens, he says, you can find everything: Ukrainian, African, Mexican, specialties from a far away village in Greece called Mani, delicacies from the island of Naxos, noodles from Seoul, Persian rice, Arminian, and soushi from Osaka. You’ll never run out of choices.


Read through his book and keep notes. Hang the poster that is included in the book on your fridge, and keep track of where you’ve been and where you’ll go.  Let Vasilis take you to his favourite places, and you’ll be rewarded with mouthwatering, authentic delights for your tastebuds. He won’t take you to the spots which are only based on fancy marquees and designer tables and chairs. He will take you to places where people put their heart and soul in their food, and serve you with respect. To quote Vasili himself, “ you need courage and patience to discover people and flavours”.


P.S. For those days where you don’t feel like running the streets of Athens looking for these hidden havens, make something from his 100 recipes that you’ll find at the end of the book, Athens Special. They were all inspired by the streets of Athens. Or,  just start your list of where you’ll go to eat next time you’re in Kifisia, Petralona, Menidi or Kaminia.

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Book: Athens Special, Pataki publishings – At Bookstores from 17,60 euros.

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