Antreas Lagos & The flavours we grew up with

Antreas Lagos & The flavours we grew up with

10/01/2014 11:34

His voice is always smiley, his mannerisms always so polite, and his cooking full of warmth.  Andreas Lagos grew up in the island of Samos, and when he was ten years old, answered “Cook! That’s my dream!” to a question in a grade school essay titled “ What you want to be when you grow up”.  

Words: Marilou Pantaki


In his first book, “ The Flavors we grew up with” you immediately realize his love for his Island, the love for his family, and in his intro, what he mentions about his mother will move you. But what will charm you the most is, his recipes. Simple and aromatic recipes, hiding Andreas’ childhood memories and experiences which have influenced him like nothing else.


Soft boiled eggs with fresh bread, bread and cheese with watermelon and basil, semolina halva with mandarins, and rooster cooked with celery. His recipes will put you under a spell, his introductions which are quite touching, will take you back in time, while Eleni Petalidou &  Stavros Pechlivanidis’ photographs from Majeriko, will make you drool. “ If you give life to a recipe, it will give it right back to you” says Andreas with his warm voice in his short film which he created for his book presentation. And, it’s true.


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