Christine Ha: The Blind Cook

Christine Ha: The Blind Cook

08/05/2014 22:49

Have you ever thought how it is to cook lacking one of your basic senses? And what if I told you that this sense is the sense of sight? Then, I am sure that you would found that impossible. Mrs. Christine Ha did not. Despite her blindness, she cooked and prepared a great number of amazing dishes that gave her the title of the American cooking show “Master Chef”, in 2012.

Words: Dimitris Afentakis
Creative Work: Lunik.Lab


Having watched dozens of cooking shows over the years, I recently watched an episode of the 2012 American Master Chef. To my great surprise, I saw Gordon Ramsey, a chef which is well known for his temper, not only to be calm, but instead very emotional, clapping and congratulating a petit Asian-American chef. Well, when I did realize that this chef was blind, I knew I would have to find out more about her.

Herby, I present to you Mrs. Christine Ha, also known as The Blind Cook.

Christine is the winner of the American cooking show “Master Chef”, in 2012.  She studied Finance in the University of Texas, Austin and has also received a Master of Fine Arts in creative non-fiction/fiction from the Creative Writing Program at University of Houston. She is a self-taught cook, has never been to a cooking school, and from 2007, due to a serious disease, she is blind. However, if you notice her dishes it is very difficult to believe that Christine cannot see! It is amazing how this chef has turned taste into color, and how comfortable she cooks, cuts and composes her dishes.

When someone asked her, what is her secret, she replied (and I quote):

“Taste everything as you go, and remember that you can always add but not necessarily take away. Also, when a dish tastes heavy or fatty, it is good to add an element of acid. A lot of times when something tastes like it’s “missing”, it’s the acidity. Last, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Like anything in life, we learn from our mistakes. Practice a lot; it takes 10,000 hours of doing something for one to be able to call themselves a master at it!”. Don’t miss her latest cooking show “Four Senses” from the Canadian cable network AMI (Accessible Media, Inc.).

Bon Appetite!

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