And…God created the Burger!

And…God created the Burger!

15/05/2014 22:26

#Burger #Week at Madam Ginger, and today we discuss one of the greatest trends in Greece, and worldwide, the burger. How such a simple idea, reached a 5,000 dollar price? And how it became the new food trend in Greece?

Words:Dimitris Afentakis
Creative Work: Lunik.Lab


As a genuine street food lover, burger is clearly one of my best street foods (I often relate myself to Poldo, from Popeye!). Recently, I came across to a burger that costs nearly 5,000 dollars! Yes, that is true, 5,000 dollars. And when I found out, that behind this burger is a very famous and successful chef, Hubert Keller, I wanted to discover more about the history of this dish, aka the history of the burger!

Classic Cheeseburger6

The name hamburger originates from Hamburg, the second largest city of Germany, from which a lot of people migrated to the United States. There have been many claims about its invention, an invention that remains a mystery until today. Some say that the burger was invented in the United States in 1900, by a Danish immigrant named Louis Lassen. Others believe that it was created by Charlie Nagreen, in 1885. And if we dig deeper, we will find a great number of people who are also claiming the invention of the burger. The fact is, no matter who invented it, that the burger is considered to be one of the most famous dishes in the world, often associated with unhealthy diet, since it is linked to a number of large fast food chain restaurants.

The term “fast food”, and to be more precise, what we think as fast food, originates from a number of American restaurants, which during the ‘50s, offered pre-cooked meals. However, the truth is that fast food can be found in many other countries, much earlier. A few examples are Japan and its sushi, Italy and its pizza and last but not least, Greece and its meat on a stick, aka souvlaki.

Mushroom Melt Chicken Pannee 4

So, is Greece’s fast food, souvlaki? Or, is it the burger?

Having noticed the fast pace at which burger places are opening one after another, I would say that this is debatable. Yes, burger places are growing very fast, but as we all know, true professionals and good chefs will survive. What people want is nothing more than good taste from fresh and high quality ingredients. Fortunately, large fast food chains are losing ground, and good quality burgers are on the rise.

It is not by chance, that every restaurant has a burger on its menu. This of course, is not always a good thing. I was amazed, when in Manhattan, a city with numerous great restaurants, the best restaurant guide, Zagat, awarded Burger Joint, for the best burger in town. Burger Joint is a 1×1 restaurant, located behind a black curtain, inside the hotel “Le Parker Meridien”. I have had the privilege of eating there (after standing for a few hours in a 100 people line), and I have to say, it’s probably the best 17 dollars I have ever spent!

Thus, how can such a small place, in such a big city full of competition, be always crowded?

The answer is very simple. Taste! And when we talk about taste in a burger, we are referring, apart from the meat, to the bun, ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard that is used. We, after a lot of search, propose the ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise and BBQ sauce, made by the Greek company BRAVA. You should definitely try it!

Classic Cheeseburger

Lastly, I have to say that I, after years of searching and eating, have finally found in Athens, that very tasty burger, I was looking for! Just visit Madame Ginger’s, New York Sandwiches in Athens, and you’ll see what I mean!Enjoy!



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