Hang your kitchen towels with Style!

28/06/2013 14:15

Everytime I open my oven, all my kitchen towels that I’ve hung there, on the handle, scatter on the floor and off to the laundry they go. Even when I just leave them on the counter, again they end up in the laundry bin because the clean ones get all mixed up with the dirty ones, and I don’t know which one’s clean and which’s not. It’s a constant headache!

Words: Marilou Pantaki
Creative Work: Lunik.Lab
Translation from Greek: Kiki Fotopoulos


So I’ve decided to to try a smart idea I got from TheKitchn, that looks like it may solve this annoying problem. The only thing I need is wooden clothes pins and double sided tape.

Hang Your Towels

I  stick a piece of tape on the corner of the kitchen towel, and then I can hang it any place I want. On the wall next to the sink, or maybe over the stove, or even on the fridge. From now on, my kitchen towels will be hung and dry ( nobody likes the moldy stink of damp towels! ) AND I’ll always know where to find them!

Hang Your Towels 2

Pretty smart, hu?

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Madame Ginger


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